The most popular electric cars

The most popular electric cars

The most popular electric cars

The choice of battery electric vehicles continues to grow. There are more and more models, their characteristics are getting better. Fans of gasoline engines are horrified, and most of the major automakers have already announced that they will be phasing out internal combustion engines by 20xx. Thus, electric vehicle sales continue to grow making pure electric cars the future and the present of the car manufacturing.

Best electric cars

Tesla Model 3 Long Range

  • Price: $ 49,990;
  • Electric Power: 221 hp;
  • Progress in store: 568 km;
  • Adaptive cruise control.

Love them or hate them, Tesla models are currently the leaders in the fully electric car market. Before talking about Model 3, it is important to note that Tesla has the most advanced charging infrastructure on the market. With over 25,000 stations around the world, half of which are located in the USA, it is a fact that keeps the Model 3 ahead of the competition even before you get behind the wheel. Other automakers are looking to grab a piece of the pie in this infrastructure too, but Tesla does not seem to be losing ground and ditching its network in the coming years.

Nissan Leaf

  • Base price: $ 43,970;
  • Electric Power: 214 hp, torque: 339 N * m;
  • Progress in store: 363 km.

Despite Tesla’s dominance in the EV market today, it is important to note that the first affordable electric vehicle was created by Nissan, the 2010 Leaf. In 2010, prices started at $ 32,780 ($ 25,280 with benefits), and the car was powered by a 23 kW battery that provided a range of just 160 kilometers on a single charge. Taking as a basis the concept of future electric cars that will actually buy, the “Leaf” model showed other manufacturers the promise of this direction.

Volkswagen ID.4

  • Base price: $ 39,995;
  • Electric Power: 201 hp;
  • Cruising range: 345 – 522 km (depending on configuration).

The ID.4 from Volkswagen is an example of admirable restraint from the German manufacturer. While this compact SUV lacks some of the impressive capabilities and technologies of its competitors, this will affect its affordability for drivers who decide to become familiar with the electric motor car. Such affordable prices will help to sell more electric cars in the future.

Mini Cooper SE

  • Base price: $ 29,990 (minus $ 7,500 for benefits);
  • Electric Power: 181 hp, torque: 259 N * m;
  • Progress in store: 183 km.

While the Mini Cooper SE is infamous for its 183km range, it is important to note that range is not the main selling point of EVs. Customers buy silent electric vehicles for a number of reasons: to stand out, to be green and to “save” the planet, or even to save money. The Mini is one of the most affordable cars with a price tag of $ 29,990 and the opportunity to receive up to $ 7,500 in reduced-price deductions.

Audi E Tron GT

  • Base price: $ 140,945;
  • Electric Power: 590 hp (637 hp in “boost mode”);
  • Progress in store: 373 km.

Built on the same platform as the Porsche Taycan, the RS E-Tron GT is predictably fast. In boost mode, 637 hp is available for 2.5 seconds, which allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds. In standard mode, the motor produces 590 hp. And this Audi also knows how to take turns well.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

  • Base Price: $ 47,600, Premium Edition;
  • Electric Power: 346 hp;
  • Cruising range: 434 km (with extended battery).

Whether you agree with Ford’s decision to name this model Mustang or not, it’s hard to deny the logic: they took the name of their most iconic model and gave it to their most interesting novelty. To find the Ford nameplate on this Mustang, you have to look at the manual. And to be clear: this is an exciting car.

Polestar 2

  • Price: $ 45,900;
  • Power: 231 hp;
  • Cruising range: 426 km (according to Polestar).

Polestar was previously a Volvo factory tuning subsidiary, but in 2017 it spun off to become a bespoke automotive startup with the Polestar 1 hybrid. The Polestar 1 uses a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine and 3 electric motors (1 front and 2 rear) to provide the car with 619 hp. The car was released in a limited edition of 1,500 copies, the first of which received a carbon fiber body and boasted a record range among other hybrids (by the way, this record is still not broken). Despite its outstanding performance, the car is comfortable in everyday use, but it can become a real weapon on the track.

Rivian R1T

  • Base price: $ 67,500;
  • Electric Power: 835 hp, torque: 1230 N * m;
  • Cruising range: 505 km;
  • Weight of the towed trailer: up to 5 tons;
  • Carrying capacity: 770 kg.

If you need transport for your trips, where you can take your kids and their friends, if you want to escape for the weekend and arrange a track day for yourself with a dose of adrenaline, then the best car can afford everything from this list. A Rivian R1T pickup truck can help with this. This model has achieved its greatest success when used on adventures and off-road – this is where the emphasis has been placed. This pickup truck has special riding modes (for example, for mud), there are tons of additional accessories, including: a camp kitchen, a rooftop tent and much more. This is exactly the conclusion that the journalists came to after driving this pickup truck for several days in the town of Breckenridge (Colorado) and its environs. However, as befits an electric car, it is, in fact, a huge battery on wheels, and not just a vehicle.

Ford F-150 Lightning

  • Base price: $ 39,974;
  • Electric Power: 563 hp;
  • Cruising in store: 482 km.;
  • Weight of the towed trailer: up to 4.5 tons;
  • Carrying capacity: 900 kg;
  • all wheel drive.

If you ask any Ford employee about the new F-150 Lightning, the first thing they will tell you is not just an electric version of the F-150 petrol. Yes, it looks like a pickup truck that has been the best-selling pickup in its class for 40 years. But in the words of Darren Palmer (heads the “electric” division of Ford): “The car offers what you would never get from a gas engine”, while maintaining the status of a workhorse.

There are some cars that are not listed in our list such as Hyundai Kona electric or Tesla Cybertrack. However, these models are not such popular or are even just a concepts.