Rent sports cars & Luxury cars from 18 years old

All available models in Germany

Audi RS6 Performance
in Bielefeld

Audi RS3
in Bielefeld

Ford Mustang GT
in München

Mercedes C63S
AMG in Bielefeld

BMW M4 Competition
in Bielefeld

Corvette Z06 Cabrio
in Bremen

Mercedes S63 AMG
Cabrio in Bremen

Mercedes C63S
AMG in Bremen

BMW M2 Competition
in Gießen

Audi RS6 C8
in Frankfurt

Mercedes GLE 63 AMG
in Frankfurt

in Frankfurt

Rent a sports car with DRIVAR® from 18 years old

There are many reasons for this, but one thing is certain: Young people also dream of renting their dream sports car and driving it extensively for a day, a weekend or even longer. The biggest hurdle, however, is almost always the minimum age! Sometimes quite obvious, sometimes hidden in the terms and conditions of the rental company, it ensures that the dream can unfortunately not come true despite sufficient budget. Who dares it, nevertheless, risks under circumstances even the complete loss of the insurance protection!

The mission of DRIVAR® was therefore: to make sports car rental possible from the age of 18!

The solution: An additional special insurance

However, this also turned out to be more difficult than expected for us for a long time and we – like probably almost every other sports car rental company – could not offer a real solution. At the end of 2018, however, the time had come: with the help of a special additional insurance, we can now offer a whole range of sports cars with a minimum age reduced to 18 years. We will gradually publish more vehicles for which this is possible in this subcategory.

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