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Audi RS luxury cars take any road trip from boring to simply unforgettable. On DRIVAR you’ll be able to search and find all kinds of breathtaking Porsches like the Audi RS3, RS4, RS5, RS6 or even the Audi R8 V10 Performance. So better take your chance and rent your perfect Audi RS in Dubai for a day, weekend, or even try monthly Audi RS rental with DRIVAR in Dubai.

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Zachary AddyZachary Addy
21:51 26 Nov 21
Wonderful service. I rented a Mclaren GT. The process was seamless and hassle free. This group is highly professional and responsive. I would used this service again.
Yuri R. ToninYuri R. Tonin
18:57 07 Sep 21
Sweet ride! I rented a Porsche 911 Turbo and was really happy with the experience! Service was professional and I had no problems during the whole process!
Henrique TavaresHenrique Tavares
12:55 07 Sep 21
I rented an Audi RS7 and everything was awesome
Gustavo BernardesGustavo Bernardes
16:04 21 Aug 21
Best supercar experience ever! Strongly recommend
Guilherme V. TeixeiraGuilherme V. Teixeira
21:11 19 Aug 21
Best car rental experience ever! Really recommend it.

all Audi RS sports cars for rent

Audi RS3

The Audi RS3 is a high-performance version of the Audi A3 compact car. It was first introduced in 2011 and is currently in its second generation. The RS3 is powered by a 2.5-liter, five-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 394 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. This powertrain can accelerate the car from 0-60 mph in around 4.1 seconds and has a top speed of around 155 mph (electronically limited).

The car has a sporty and aggressive design, with unique front and rear bumpers, a rear spoiler, and large air intakes. The RS3 also features a sport-tuned suspension and braking system for improved handling and braking performance.

The interior of the RS3 is also sporty and luxurious, with high-quality materials and a variety of advanced technology features, including a high-resolution touchscreen display and a variety of driver assistance systems.

The Audi RS3 is considered to be one of the best performing compact cars in the market, with its excellent power to weight ratio and its quattro all-wheel drive system that provides excellent traction and stability. The latest model was released in 2020.

Data & facts about the Audi RS3:
  • How much does an Audi RS3 cost in the UAE? New price from AED 247,200
  • How much horsepower does an Audi RS3 have? Power 395 hp
  • How fast does an Audi RS3 accelerate? Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / in 3,8 sec
  • How fast is an Audi RS3? Top speed over 250 km/h

Audi R8

The Audi R8 is a high-performance sports car produced by the German automaker Audi. It was first introduced in 2006 and is currently in its second generation. The R8 is available in both coupe and convertible (Spyder) body styles.

The R8 is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine in the standard model, producing 562 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. It also offers a 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 532 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. Both engines are paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive system. The car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in around 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of around 199 mph.

The R8 has a sleek and sporty design, with a low-slung profile and a wide stance. The car also features advanced aerodynamics for improved performance and handling. The interior of the R8 is designed to be driver-focused, with a clean and minimalist layout and high-quality materials.

The R8 also comes with a variety of advanced technology features, including a high-resolution touchscreen display and a variety of driver assistance and safety systems. It is considered as one of the best supercar in the market, with its balance of power, handling and luxury. The latest model was released in 2019.

Data & facts about the Audi R8:
  • How much does an Audi R8 cost in the UAE? New price from AED 405.000
  • How much horsepower does an Audi R8 have? Power 610 hp.
  • How fast does an Audi R8 accelerate? Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / in 3,2 sec
  • How fast is an Audi R8? Top speed over 320 km/h

locations: Where can I rent an Audi RS in Dubai?

It doesn’t matter if it’s Dubai, Abu Dhabi or somewhere around – with Audi RS models available all over Dubai our platform offers a widespread network consisting of hundreds of luxury, sports and exotic cars available for rent all over the city Therefore, not only DRIVAR connects you directly to your dream Audi RS car in excellent condition, but we also provide you with the right service to collect breath-taking memories while driving it.

Offering anybody the perfect Audi RS luxury car of his dreams anywhere in Dubai – and all over the UAE – is our mission.

high-quality Audi RS rental with a great reputation

For over 10 years our company now is delivering the best service in the market of the exotic car rental business. DRIVAR – once founded in the car lover´s nation Germany, now also present in Dubai. Concerning our quality standards, our objective is to provide the most excellent service to our beloved customers. For that reason, each Audi RS model is individually handpicked, verified and then advertised on our platform. Furthermore, apart from the fact that we have an insurance policy to support your safety, we are also available in any circumstance towards any conflict with the renter or authorities in UAE. DRIVAR is far more than just a simple Audi RS rental company in Dubai!

Rent an Audi RS anywhere: DRIVAR® airport & hotel delivery service

Even if you want to rent an Audi RS in a city that is not available on DRIVAR® or you want us to deliver your dream car to the airport, your hotel or any other required destination: This is absolutely no problem and because of our extensive logistic network we’re able to personally deliver any car at any destination in the whole of Dubai and even the whole UAE!

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Ultimate Guide to Renting an Audi RS in Dubai: Experience Luxury on Wheels

Imagine the pulse-pounding excitement of navigating Dubai’s sleek roads behind the wheel of a powerful Audi RS, the epitome of luxury and performance. This guide is your all-access pass to making that dream a vivid reality. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply seeking an extraordinary driving experience during your Dubai visit, rent an Audi RS in Dubai promises an adventure like no other.

Choosing the Right Audi RS Model for Your Dubai Adventure

Overview of Available Audi RS Models in Dubai

Dubai’s luxury car rental scene is diverse, offering various Audi RS models to cater to every taste and need. From the sporty RS3 to the elegant RS7, each model boasts its unique blend of performance, comfort, and style. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Audi RS3: Known for its compact size and explosive power.
  • Audi RS5: A perfect blend of performance and elegance.
  • Audi RS7: The pinnacle of luxury, combining speed with unparalleled comfort.

Comparing Performance, Comfort, and Style

When selecting an Audi RS for your Dubai journey, it’s crucial to balance performance, comfort, and style to match your driving desires. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Performance: The RS series is renowned for its powerful engines and exhilarating speed. Decide what kind of power you’re looking for.
  • Comfort: Long drives or short, comfort is key. Leather interiors, climate control, and advanced infotainment systems are standard across the RS range.
  • Style: Each model carries its aura. The RS3 is sporty and agile, the RS5 exudes a balanced elegance, while the RS7 is the epitome of luxury.

How to Rent an Audi RS in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding Rental Requirements

Before you can cruise in your dream car, understanding Dubai’s rental prerequisites is key. Most agencies require:

  • A valid driving license (international if you’re from abroad).
  • Passport for identification.
  • A credit card for the security deposit.

Navigating Rental Agreements

Deciphering rental agreements can be daunting, but it’s essential for a hassle-free experience. Pay attention to:

  • Rental period terms.
  • Insurance coverage and excess fees.
  • Mileage limits and additional charges for exceeding them.

Tips for Securing the Best Rental Deal

With the right approach, securing an unbeatable deal on your Audi RS rental in Dubai is within reach. Here are some insider tips:

  • Book in advance to snag early bird rates.
  • Compare prices from different rental agencies.
  • Check for special promotions or package deals.

Making the Most of Your Audi RS Rental

Essential Driving Tips in Dubai

Driving in Dubai is an experience like no other, and being prepared can enhance your enjoyment behind the wheel. Remember:

  • Always adhere to speed limits.
  • Be aware of the unique traffic rules and regulations.
  • Use GPS navigation to explore with confidence.

Top Routes to Explore in Your Audi RS

Dubai boasts breathtaking routes that are perfect for testing the limits of your Audi RS and soaking in the scenery. Must-drives include:

  • The drive to Jebel Jais for winding roads and stunning mountain views.
  • Jumeirah Beach Road for its chic seaside vibe.
  • The Dubai to Hatta route, offering a blend of urban and desert landscapes.

Maximizing Comfort and Safety

Comfort and safety are paramount, ensuring a memorable and exhilarating driving experience in Dubai. Features to enhance your ride include:

  • Advanced safety systems like lane assist and adaptive cruise control.
  • Ergonomic seats with multiple adjustments.
  • Climate control for a pleasant environment, regardless of the outdoor heat.

Legalities and Insurance: Navigating the Fine Print

Understanding Dubai’s Driving Laws

Familiarizing yourself with Dubai’s driving laws is crucial to ensure a smooth and lawful driving experience. Key points include:

  • Zero tolerance for drinking and driving.
  • Mandatory seatbelt use for all passengers.
  • Strict penalties for speeding and reckless driving.

Insurance Options for Renters

Choosing the right insurance for your rental Audi RS can safeguard your journey against unforeseen events. Options typically include:

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).
  • Theft Protection (TP).
  • Third-Party Liability (TPL).

Insider Tips for an Unforgettable Audi RS Experience in Dubai

Best Times to Rent an Audi RS in Dubai

Timing can significantly impact your driving experience, from rental deals to the best hours to cruise the streets. Ideal times include:

  • Early morning or late evening to avoid traffic.
  • Weekdays for better rental rates.
  • Off-peak seasons for exclusive deals.

Local Insights: Where to Go and What to See

Dubai’s locals know best when it comes to hidden gems and breathtaking spots perfect for your Audi RS adventure. Recommendations include:

  • The Dubai Marina for its stunning skyline and luxury ambiance.
  • Al Qudra Lakes for a serene escape from the city.
  • The historic Al Fahidi district for a taste of Dubai’s heritage.

Beyond the Wheel: Embracing the Audi RS Experience in Dubai

Renting an Audi RS in Dubai isn’t just about luxury and style; it’s about experiencing the city in a way that’s unforgettable and thrilling. This guide has steered you through every turn, from selecting the perfect model to exploring the city’s mesmerizing landscapes. Now, with the keys in hand and the road ahead, you’re set to embark on an adventure that transcends the ordinary. Dubai awaits, and with an Audi RS as your companion, it promises to be a journey of exhilaration, luxury, and unforgettable memories.

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