Mercedes S500 Weekend Voucher

Mercedes S500 Weekend Voucher



Drive a Mercedes S500

It is the S500 that nearly perfectly combines the comfort and convenience of normal S-class with the pure performance that can only offer you a real AMG. The precious design succeeds in the noble equipment of this sports car: Forged aluminium alloys, performance seats, performance exhaust and LED-headlights: This Mercedes knows how to convince potential customers to take a seat in its cockpit really drive a S500.

What is included in this gift voucher?

You are purchasing an unforgettable rental!

We want you to get the best gift idea without any additional costs you didn’t know about. Because of that we include the following features in our Mercedes S500 gift voucher:

  1. rental of a Mercedes S500 for a Weekend
  2. detailed instruction in the car
  3. comprehensive insurance
  4. enough time for pictures & videos
  5. no deadline commitment – redeemable individually

Locations to rent a Mercedes S500 in the UAE

With a wide range of locations we want to offer everybody the chance to redeem the voucher at a destination of its choice :

  • Dubai
  • Delivery to any other city in the UAE

Additional information

rental period




deadline commitment


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