Chevrolet Camaro Weekend Rental Voucher

Chevrolet Camaro Weekend Rental Voucher




Chevrolet Camaro weekend rental

The Chevrolet Camaro with its classic V8 layout is undoubtedly an US sports car icon. Already in the spring of 1967, the first Camaro was presented as a coupe and convertible. Since then it´s a living legend. Thanks to the film series “Transformers” it became famous around the world.

What does this voucher include?

We would like to provide you with the perfect gift that will not result in any additional costs or nasty surprises when you redeem it. That is why we already include the following services in the Chevrolet Camaro voucher:

  1. Rent a Chevrolet Camaro for a weekend
  2. Detailed vehicle instruction
  3. Enough time for photos and videos
  4. No deadline – can be redeemed individually
  5. Petrol costs are not included

Rent locations for Chevrolet Camaro in the UAE

With a wide range of locations, we really want to give everyone who is interested the chance to redeem their dream car at a location of their choice. This is currently possible in:

  • Dubai
  • Delivery to any another city in the UAE
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