Audi Q8 one day rental voucher

Audi Q8 one day rental voucher




Audi Q8 one day rental voucher

Expressive design, advanced technology and meeting the highest requirements. The Audi Q8 is an all-wheel drive five-door premium SUV in the full-size category and, at the same time, the flagship of the German carmaker’s “crossover palette”, which combines “the universal practicality of a large SUV with the elegance of a premium four-door coupe”.

What is included in this gift voucher?

You are purchasing an unforgettable Audi Q8 rental!

We want you to get the best gift idea without any additional costs you didn’t know about. Because of that we include the following features in our Audi Q8 gift voucher:

  1. rental of a Audi Q8 for a full day of 24h
  2. detailed instruction in the car
  3. comprehensive insurance
  4. enough time for pictures & videos
  5. voucher shipment for free

Locations to rent a Audi Q8 in Dubai

With a wide range of locations we want to offer everybody the chance to redeem the voucher at a destination of its choice :

  • Dubai
  • Delivery to any city in the UAE

Even stronger and more emotional: the Q8 now in Dubai

The car, created with the aim of imposing a fight between the BMW X6 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, received a “coupe-like appearance”, tailored based on the legendary Audi Quattro coupe, a high-tech interior and progressive technical “stuffing”. Outside, the Audi Q8 instantly attracts attention – the crossover looks attractive, expressive, sporty and dynamic, but at the same time quite presentable.

Don’t wait for a better moment, gift this Audi Q8 now or even try yourself!

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